Monday, February 27, 2012


I am very honored and excited to announce that MIDCURRENT.COM, a site dedicated to fly fishing,  has agreed to feature a sampling of my prints in their next newsletter which will be out this Wednesday.  A big shout out to Midcurrent publisher, Marshall Cutchin, for taking an interest in my art and as Bon Iver's Justin Vernon would awkwardly say, "The sweet hook-up".  Along with the feature, my work will be seen in their artist thumbnail gallery for further viewing amidst the company of some of the most renowned artists akin to the sport of fly fishing.  It is a true privilege to have my work seen on their pages, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.  Please peep it out at 

Soooo...How about a piece that will be seen on the site you ask? Absofrigginlutely.

Pick A Winner 2011
Spray Paint, Sharpie, Water-Based Crayon
Original Sold


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